Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange


Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange began in-house Covid-19 testing of all staff and certified home health aides in July and just completed three months of 100% of its workers. “With caregivers essential to the elderly and those in need of assistance with personal safety and activities of daily living, keeping our clients and staff safe is our main concern”, said Larry Aronson, owner of Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange. “This is just the latest of many safety protocols we implemented to ensure the well-being of those in our Homewatch community.”

While Homewatch CareGivers (HW) was sending caregivers to local testing facilities, they were not satisfied with the response time. Homewatch plans to continue testing all their staff on a regular basis.

In addition,

• Caregivers are required to self-screen (including temperature checks) before checking into work, daily.

• Caregivers are provided the necessary PPE appropriate for their needs.

• Travel plans are monitored, and state quarantine regulations are followed for clients and caregivers.

• Safety protocols are readjusted in compliance with the recommendations from the NJ Department of Health and the CDC.

Homewatch CareGivers, an accredited home healthcare agency received the 2020 Leader in Excellence Award as a Best in Homecare Provider and Employer. They have served the local community for over 11 years. While COVID-19 challenged the agency’s value directed service, their highly responsive and caring team of social workers and nurses continues to meet the needs of families and clients in our community.

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