Downtown After Sundown Full Schedule

South Orange Village Center Alliance invites you to dine and dance under the stars as we present Downtown After Sundown in the Live Music Capital of North Jersey. Join us under the Gazebo for Jazz on Sloan or in Spiotta Park where every style of music from acoustic to zydeco, jazz to flamenco will be represented.

Concerts kick off Memorial weekend through Labor Day, every Friday and Saturday evening from 7:00pm to 10pm.

Jazz on Sloan Schedule

Jazz on Sloan is dedicated to showcasing the wealth of jazz talent located in and around South Orange Village Center.


Friday, May 25- CRQ Quintet

Saturday, May 26- TNT Quartet Live

Sunday, May 27- Charlie Apicella Trio in Sunday Jazz Special


Friday, June 1- TAsE

Friday, June 8- Ife Baim Trio

Saturday, June 9- Shadiyah- "Lady of Soul"

Friday, June 15- Carol Deminski Little Jazz Birds

Saturday, June 16- Leonieke Scheuble Trio

Sunday, June 17- Fathers Day Jam with Pianoman Bob and Stevie G & Friends

Friday, June 22- Ben Williams Trombone

Saturday, June 23- Blue Light 3

Friday, June 29- Mamiko Wantanabe Trio

Saturday, June 30- DC Fusion - Darryl Clark


Friday, July 6- Mike Lee Trio

Saturday, July 7- Omisanya Love and Light

Friday, July 13- Jonathan Fritz / Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist

Saturday, July 14- TBA

Friday, July 20- Bob DeVos Trio

Saturday, July 21- Seyeon Chang Trio

Sunday, July 22- Carrie Jackson Old Fashion Sunday Jazz Jam

Friday, July 27- Dom Palombi Project

Saturday, July 28- Richard Reiter Jazz Band


Friday, August 3- Free Speech Trio

Saturday, August 4- Rafiki Jazz- featuring Norman Mann

Friday, August 10- Zach Brock Live

Saturday, August 11- TBA

Friday, August 17- Dom Palombi Project

Saturday, August 18- Blue Light 3 NJ

Sunday, August 19- Peter Lin Trombone Sunday Jazz Jam

Friday, August 24- Phyllis Blanford and Friends

Saturday, August 25- Lynette Sheard Live


Friday, August 31 - Whitney Jackson

Saturday, September 1- Patricia Walton Jazz

Sunday, September 2- Carrie Jackson All Star Jazz Jam

Sounds in Spiotta


Friday, May 25- Viva Flamenco

Saturday, May 26- NXStage

Sunday, May 27- Whitney Jackson


Friday, June 1- Maplewood Community Big Band

Friday, June 8- Mood Ring

Saturday, June 9- YAHSquad

Friday, June 15- Andy Lackow & Mess Around

Saturday, June 16- New Jersey DJ Services

Friday, June 22- Jersey Swamp Cats

Saturday, June 23- David Easton Band

Friday, June 29- Vin Mott Rhythm and Blues

Saturday, June 30- Al Gold Rhythm Kings


Friday, July 6- Craig Mitchell Project

Saturday, July 7- MPACK - Community Jam Come Out Sing

Friday, July 13- Alli Mac Project

Saturday, July 14- No Concerts Tonight

Friday, July 20- Emotional Rex

Saturday, July 21- The Accelerators

Friday, July 27- Andy Lackow & Mess Around Blues Band

Saturday, July 28- Bindi Liebowitz


Friday, August 3- The New Watchdog Blues Band

Saturday, August 4- Michaela Mcclain Band

Friday, August 10- The Dangerous Gentlemen

Saturday, August 11- Ricky Persaud, Jr. Funk Rock

Friday, August 17- Flip Da Skrip

Saturday, August 18- Laredo the Band

Friday, August 24- Darry Clark /Nat Adderley Junior

Saturday, August 25- Mama D and the Vexations


Friday, August 31- Forget The Whale

Saturday, September 1- Carlos Frias & CiĀ­rculo Social

Sunday, September 2 - Flip Da Skrip


MAY 25, 2018 to SEP 3, 2018
7PM - 10:00 PM


Under the Gazebo
Sloan Street
South Orange, NJ 07079